Rosa Bonheur Society

6400 Baltimore National Pike, #221

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Established May 2007

Working to Preserve the

Rosa Bonheur Memorial Park

7239 Washington Boulevard, Elkridge, Maryland  21075



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Founded in 1935, Rosa Bonheur Memorial Park is currently maintained entirely by volunteers. 


This beautiful cemetery has memorialized such noted animal companions as:


Gypsy Queen.  In 1925, World War I veteran Frank Heath and his horse Gypsy departed from Washington, D. C. with the goal of visiting all 48 of the continental states.  They completed the trip more than two years later by returning to their original starting point. In all, the pair covered 11,356 miles, making it the longest trail ever covered by one horse under saddle. In 1938. following Gypsy Queen’s death (1936), a public ceremony was held in which a bronze memorial plaque was erected in her honor at the Rosa Bonheur Memorial Park.


Mary Ann.  Mary Ann was the first elephant to be acquired by the Baltimore Zoo. In 1922, She was brought to Baltimore, from India, and immediately became popular with local children. Mary Ann died in 1941 after falling over in her sleep and injuring her spine. Her heart was later buried at the cemetery.

Corporal Rex Ahlbin.  Rex Ahlbin was a combat dog who served with the U.S. Marine Corps during World War II.  In 1943, Rex served with the U.S. 3rd Marine Division during the Battle of Empress Augusta Bay at Bougainville Island. Rex, a two-year-old Doberman, warned of the presence of Japanese soldiers near a Marine position, enabling Marines to fend off a later attack. Rex also served with the Marine Corps during the Guadalcanal campaign and at the Battle of Tinian. For his service, Rex was promoted to the rank of corporal by the Marine Corps in 1944. Rex is buried near the center of the cemetery, with a marker noting his service to his country.

There are also other noted animals and many well loved pets including birds, cats, and dogs that were each special in their own way.  Furthermore, there are human beings to be remembered due to the fact that in 1979, RBMP became the first cemetery in the United States to permit the burial of people with their pets.  However, all burials have ceased at RBMP since 2002.


VOLUNTEERING - Volunteers traditionally meet to work on Sundays, weather permitting, between 10:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.  There’s plenty to do depending on what projects you would like to engage in.  Many memorials have become sunken over time and need to be located and raised.  There are also cemetery decorations, benches, and curbs that need painting or restoration.  For those that like gardening there are opportunities to trim hedges, edge, mow or rake.  There are always floral memorials that need moving for mowers or that need straightening.  Volunteering is self paced in that you select the activities that best suit your time and talents.  If you’d like to volunteer please feel free to either e-mail us or visit us at RBMP during volunteer hours on Sunday - we’ll be there and looking forward to meeting you.



A Special Thank You



The Rosa Bonheur Society would especially like to thank:


Bill, Brian, Shane, Ryan and Matt for their two four hour mowing and landscape filling sessions that have contributed significantly to the appearance of the cemetery and made weekly upkeep easier



Contact Information


If for any reason. you would like to contact the Rosa Bonheur Society you may either write or e-mail us at the following addresses:


Mail Box:


Rosa Bonheur Society

6400 Baltimore National Pike, #221

Catonsville, Maryland 21228



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Rosa Bonheur Memorial Park Pet Cemetery Volunteer Elkridge MD

Rosa Bonheur Memorial Park Pet Cemetery Volunteering Elkridge MD

Pet Cemetery Volunteer Elkridge MD

Rosa Bonheur Memorial Park Pet Cemetery Elkridge MD